City Wide Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Our highly qualified technician uses a hot water extraction process. It is the one that most carpet manufactures recommend and our process is second to none. Our carpet cleaning system allows your carpet to stay brighter, fresher and cleaner for a much longer time. It allows for easier spot cleaning and your vacuum time is almost cut in half. Our system protects against walk-in dirt, allergens and that accidental spill. It permits your carpet to look fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. City Wide Cleaning recommends having your carpet professionally cleaned every six month based on your home’s inhabitants and the climate in which you live.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Gone are the days of using a mop and bucket on your tile or hard surface floors. Dirt finds its way easily into the pores of your grout lines on these kinds of surfaces. It is almost impossible to clean with a mop or by hand. Our pre-spray and high pressure system makes dirt and grim disappear.

After cleaning, we apply a hydro-force premium stone and grout sealant that prevents spills and stains from easily forming. This will allow you time to wipe up dirt and spills before they can sink into your hard surface.Hardwood Floors – Our highly skilled technician can bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors by using our non-toxic, dust free professional floor cleaning and refinishing system. Damaged areas can be repaired and scratches can be filled in. Information is given out to the customers on how to properly care for the floors after we leave.

Our customers are always amazed by the dramatic results.Upholstery – City Wide Cleaning gives the exact care and consideration to upholstery as we do to our carpet. Everyday wear and tear on your furniture can shorten its life span. It can be a breeding place for dirt, dust mites and allergens. Using our super-hygienic system your upholstered furniture will be deep cleaned and appreciated by all family members.