Hardwood Floors in Louisville Kentucky

We Bring Life Back to Hardwood

Our trained technicians can take a lifeless, lackluster floor and bring new life to it that customers will be proud of. Our revolutionary system can clean and re-coat your hardwood flooring, restoring it to its natural healthy appearance. Most procedures require sanding or refinishing that creates a storm of dust in your home. Our highly environmentally friendly system will allow you to remain in your home during the entire process.

Our Process

    1. Deep clean and prep your current floor finish to receive a new preservation finish. We use a professional high speed rotating brush machine to lay down a speciality cleaner, agitate it and then bring it directly back up with squeegees and a vacuum. This leaves the floor dry.


    1. Rinse and neutralize to bring up an remaining residue. This is accomplished with our unique Wood Fish Hardwood Cleaner. The floor is now squeaky clean and ready for the nest step.


    1. Application of either Gloss or Satin Preservation Finish. This finish will be your “wear” finish, applied to protect the original finish and keep your floors in great shape for generations to come. This finish is a modified factory finish designed to bind original urethane, and aluminum oxide based coatings. A thin but durable preservation coating is applied. Depending on traffic and use, this process can be repeated every year or two to keep your floors beautiful. It will not yellow or change the color of your original floor.


  1. Post-Inspection- Our friendly technicians will walk through the area and go over result with the customer before leaving to make sure they are satisfied with the results.

How to Care for Your Wood Floors –

  1. Vacuum or Sweep the floor to remove any dirt and grit prior to cleaning the floor.
  2. Lightly mist the area of the floor, or directly mist the mop’s terry cloth cover.
  3. Wipe: Using a back and forth motion clean the floor surface with your mop or clean terry cloth. Finish an area before moving on to the next area. When your terry cloth becomes soiled, replace it with a clean one. Beware that continued use of an excessively soiled cover may cause streaking. When a spill occurs, soak up the liquid immediately, mist the affected area with Hardwood Floor Cleaner and wipe with a mop or clean, soft cloth.