Carpet Cleaning in Louisville Kentucky

Why Our System Is Better

Our Ultra high powered cleaning system uses a hot water extraction process for carpet cleaning. Our procedure is the one that most carpet manufactures recommend and our process is second to none. Our carpet cleaning system allows your carpet to stay brighter, fresher and cleaner for a much longer time. It allows for easier spot cleaning and your vacuum time is almost cut in half. Our system protects against walk-in dirt, allergens and that accidental spill. Our company updates our equipment on a yearly basis to make sure we stay ahead of industry practices.

Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas – This is where our customers can truly see a huge difference. City Wide Cleaning, LLC uses a system to deep clean the heaviest traveled areas in your home. What we use in our system gives you a deeper clean to remove soil and residues others leave behind.

Pet Odors and Stains – Our highly trained technician specializes in removing any and all pet odors and stains from your carpet. Our system never covers over the stain and odor but we use an exceptional process that has the tendency to break down the urine so that we can easily and safely extract it from the padding and the carpet. We treat the soiled area with a proprietary blend of enzymes and odor counteractants that will leave your entire carpet smelling like a fresh spring day.

Our neutralizing rinse process assures the customer the carpet is totally left completely residue free. This will extend how long the customer goes between cleanings. By using a deep rinse process, soapy residues from all other previous cleanings we will leave your carpet fluffy soft smelling like a fresh spring day.

Experience Faster Dry Time – Our ultra high powered units are designed to dry carpet much faster than the old traditional systems. We use a dry-stroke process that leaves the carpet slightly damp to the touch. Our final process is using ultra high powered speed drying devices that will instantly dry the carpet in record time.

Our Highly Trained Staff – Our highly qualified technician stays on the cutting edge of technology changes that regularly occur in the cleaning industry. Our technician regularly attends educational seminars and studies trade journals related to our work. When our customers call City Wide Cleaning LLC they know the kind of service they will receive and there will be no hidden fees or charges.